Managed Hosting

ITCS Managed Hosting

We can host your website large or small on our servers which are housed in secure datacentres in Amsterdam. We offer shared hosting or semi-dedicated packages and are experts in video and audio streaming. Unlike most other hosting companies we specialise in Managed Hosting, where we deal with all the technicalities, get your website online and deal with simple web maintenance to make sure it stays up and running.

Our servers backup each night to one another, so we are able to make an additional copy of your website and store it securely. On the 1st and 16th of each month an additional copy is taken which gives us an opportunity to restore a previous version of your site and retrieve content which might otherwise have been lost.

See our full Terms and Conditions for more information.

Managed Hosting Rates

Start Package 1
£10.50 per month

Webspace up to 200mb
Email Accounts 1 x 1000mb
Data Transfer 1Gb per month

Start Package 2
£17.80 per month

Webspace up to 400mb
Email Accounts 5 x 1000mb
Data Transfer 3Gb per month

Plus Package 1
£24.00 per month

Webspace up to 1000mb
Email Accounts 12 x 1000mb
Data Transfer 5Gb per month

Plus Package 2
£47.20 per month

Webspace up to 3000mb
Email Accounts 20 x 1000mb
Data Transfer 7.5Gb per month

Pro Package 1
£81.90 per month

Webspace up to 7500mb
Email Accounts 40 x 1000mb
Data Transfer 10Gb per month

Pro Package Max
£147.00 per month

Webspace Unlimited
Email Accounts Unlimited
Data Transfer 30Gb per month

Video & Audio Package £20.50 per month
Additional email accounts £12.50 per month
Additional 1GB email capacity £12.50 per month
Spam Protection per email account £2.00 per month

All prices exclude UK VAT

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